Ladybug the Clown



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Parties with Ladybug the Clown

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A Ladybug the Clown Birthday Party includes time for

energetic games with kids (and willing adults!) an

interactive magic show with friendly puppets &

storytelling, plus Face Painting and/or Balloon Animals for

each child.

I work hard to get everyone up on their feet, moving,

dancing and laughing together.  At a Ladybug the Clown

party, chairs are emptied while children, friends and

parents are dashing under parachutes and flapping to

the chicken dance.  We’ll trade jokes, sing songs and get

silly together in celebration.  A great ending is gathering

for  pictures and singing happy birthday over cake!

The amount and length of activities we include depends

on the number of kids in attendance and the length of

time you plan to have Ladybug the Clown.


Ladybug the Clown was fabulous!

- Myra S.