Ladybug the Clown

Holiday Parties!

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It's the Most Wonderful Silly Time of the Year 'Round Here

at Ladybug the Clown's place!

We're strapping on our elf shoes and programming Santa's

number onto speed-dial as we get ready for the Silliest

Holidays season yet!

We'll be dancing our elf stockings off and checking your

office to see if your team has been naughty - or nice.

Whether it's Ladybug the Clown, her alter-ego Ladybug the

Elf, or even Santa himself that you'd like to spark your

holiday silliness, we're ready to start spreading some cheer.

Check out Ladybug the Elf in this gorgeous audio slideshow

from the  Long Beach Press-Telegram!

Great Elf!  - John A (5 Star Review,  Google)