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Ladybug the Clown has been delighting audiences with her Clown and Character entertainment since 2001.

Read what clients have written Ladybug, and the other characters she plays, including her alter-egos Sunset the

Fairy, Ladybug the Elf, and Captain Ladybug!   Also includes Feedback from Her Special "Captain Leslie's Science"


Captain Leslie Science performed for my daughter's 5th birthday at Pilgrim School. What an enormous talent she is,

and such a warm-hearted professional. I was close to tears during the party because the kids were so happy. After

deftly setting up her many "experiments," Leslie switched gears into a lively, fun science lady who kept up with the

kids’ high energy level. The LA Times was there to photograph her for an article. The kids were so engaged, they

barely noticed. When kids would say, "That’s magic," she'd say "That’s science!" Leslie did everything we planned

and more, and the event was just perfect. The school wants to bring her back!

Cathy T, Araceli's 5th Birthday party, 2/19/2009 (5 out of 5 Stars,

I just want to thank you for making yesterday so special. It was lovely to see you again, and everyone had a great

time at the party. Ladybug the Clown was a hit! And she sure knows how to make an entrance! A number of parents

complimented your energy and enthusiasm. They also pointed out how much the kids enjoyed the magic show, and

how it was so great for them to get face (or arm) painting and balloon animals.

Thanks again for a wonderful party! I look forward to sharing many more happy occasions together in the future.

- Eileen Weiss, Yitzchak's 3rd Birthday (Ladybug the Clown) 11/11

Just wanted to thank you VERY much for the fabulous fun you provided at Jadyn's birthday party. People are still

talking about how fantastic you were and Jadyn loved the princess persona and especially the magic. You really made

the party and we appreciate it :) Duncan...  said he really wants you to come to his (7th) birthday party and he's

interested in your science theme. PS Jadyn said she needs to tell you: "I love you and I want you to come to my

party again and I love you and I hope you have fun at home. Duncan would like you to come to his party at our


Kellie Evans, Jadyn's 4th birthday party  Leslie as a "Princess" 9/18/11 (& Thanks for having Captain Leslie at

Duncan's "Blast off Science" party 11/11!)

I just wanted to follow up and say thanks, again for a wonderful party! Your fun, lively entertainment, jokes, face

painting and overall positive energy were nothing short of a hit! We have gotten so much positive feedback from our

guests and I know our daughter Sohl had a blast too. 

-Nina Vadecha, Sohl's 1st Birthday party (Ladybug the Clown) 8/11

Awesome entertainer. The best comment I received from guests was "wow... We didn't even know the kids were

here." The parents were able to enjoy themselves because for once the kids didn't want to have anything to do with

the parents! She was amazing with the children. Very professional and excellent communication. Kids happy- check;

parents happy - check!!!

Claudia Lopez, Eva's Baptism/Daniella's 1st Communion 6/11 (5 out of 5 stars,

Thanks so much for coming to do Makayla & Mateo's party! Makayla said she loved you and her favorite part was

spinning around on the parachute.  You really did make her day with all the fun stuff.  :)

Denise Apodaca, Makayla's 5th Birthday (Ladybug the Clown) 3/11

You did a great job.  We were extremely pleased to have you attend Esperanza's party. You should know that Espi

continues to be buzzed following the party.  She had a great time, and you helped tremendously.

- Jeffrey Reynolds, Espi's 5th Birthday (Rainbow Science Theme) 10/10

The teacher and kids loved it.  I would give you a fabulous recommendation without hesitation.  You are so energetic,

work well with any age group ...can change directions & keep an audience going even with different age groups.

-Brooke Bambrick, Halloween Event @Helmers Elementary (S.pooky Science) 10/10

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time with the kids.  That was really an energetic performance and the kids

really loved it.  I would have to drink 12 cups of coffee to summon that level of energy!  Karissa was talking about

the "Butterfly Girl" who gave her the balloons all weekend. 

- Yoon-Hee C., Karissa's 2nd Birthday "Sunset the Butterfly Fairy" 8/13/10

Thanks for a Great Job!  Such a treat to have you at our party again. As always you did a superb job of entertaining

the kids and making it possible for the parents to enjoy the afternoon. Glad you could come and we'll be in touch in

the future.

- Marilynne Kennedy, EARA Neighborhood Association Picnic 9/10

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance last Friday!  The kids had a blast and you kept them entertained the

whole time... Sebastian is still ranting and raving about the Mentos and all of the experiments. Thanks again!

- Lisette M., Sebastian's 7th Birthday Captain Leslie's Science 6/11/10

I would like to nominate Ladybug the Clown for the Preferred Vendor Award. During my last event their assistance

was outstanding and greatly appreciated by all of my guests.

- Robert  (excerpt from email forwarded via My Party Planner's Preferred Vendor Award nomination staff) regarding

Adan & Mia's 4th & 3rd bday party 6/11

I am writing to thank you for your appearance last Saturday for our event. You did an amazing job with the kids and

your energy was very contagious. We got nothing but praises from the parents and we are definitely having you back

for another party.

Christian Lainez Studio for Southern California History, Fundraiser 4/24/10 (Ladybug the Clown)

Thanks so much for yesterday! The children had an amazing time, they were thrilled to have you. ;) Hugs, Gia

Gia M., Una's 5th Birthday party 3/28/10 (Fairy Science Theme)

Thank you so much to LadyBug the Clown for her enthusiasm and energy with all the kids who loved her!

Sabine Combrie, Apolline's 3rd birthday party 3/14/10 (Ladybug the Clown)

I just wanted to let you know you are amazing and it was wonderful to have you at Satya's birthday party.  That was

the most fun I've ever had at a birthday and definitely one of the best parties we've ever thrown.    We've received

several compliments including from one mom who said her little girl thought it was better than all her own birthday

parties!  What I loved most was that it reflected our family's love of science and had real substance to it on top of

the magical fun qualities.   Thank you so much. 

Sandy Kluth, Satya's 5th Birthday Party 2/14/10 (Fairy Science Theme)

Ladybug the clown was great! Her enthusiasm and ENERGY were at their best the entire 1.5 hours she performed for

us! I recommend her 110%!! Our group of kids were in the range of 1-8 years old and the majority were engaged

during the entire performance. She had a little of everything to offer...storytime, playtime, silly time, face painting,

balloon animals, chicken dance, FUN, FUN, FUN! Most importantly, she made my daughter feel like the center of the

universe on her very special day! Thanks Ladybug!

- Diane Guevera, Natalie's 5th Birthday party 1/2010 (5 out of 5 Stars,

Everyone loved you, & I am thankful!  Love, Dolorita Noonan-Robinson

- Live Oak Elementary of Castaic - Ladybug the Clown as Parade Leader/MC & Host 2/2010

Leslie, Thank you for everything, everybody enjoyed and liked your show; the magic tricks were fantastic.  I know

for sure that you end up that day very tired, but the good thing is that you really enjoy what you do. Thank you and

see you next time.

- Cecibel Zambrano, Issabella's 1st Birthday Party 11/14/09 (Ladybug the Clown)

Hi Captain Leslie! Ok seriously, I cannot tell you how impressed everyone was with your performance at Ryan's party

today. The experiments were amazing, and the kids and adults had a great time. I will refer you to everyone! Thank

you again for doing such a great job, you are amazing!

-Natasha Duswalt, Ryan's 7th Birthday 11/09 Spooky Science Theme

Dear Leslie, We enjoyed having you so much yesterday. The kids thought you were great. 

We even did the milk experiment later that day for a guest who showed up at 4:30...I hope the moms ask me for

your cards. Best Regards to you, Jamie, and Donna

Caroline M., Valentina's Halloween Party 10/30/09 (Spooky Science Theme)

Thank you again for a great party! Everybody was VERY happy  - and exhausted  - and had a great time! So I

appreciate all your high energy, and you were really great with the kids... Thank you!

-Lisa Gunn, Sydney's 3rd Birthday Party 9/2009 (Leslie as "Sunset the Butterfly Fairy")

Leslie, Thank you for everything yesterday! All the kids really loved you.

- Nellie O., Christopher's 1st Birthday Party 8/09 (Leslie as "Ladybug the Clown")

Captain Leslie, Thank you so much for coming to our class and having experiments with our scientists.  They had so

much fun with you.  You were so great with them.  Thank you again!

-Kathleen Kim,  Kindergarten instructor, last day of school @ Warner Ave Elementary 6/19/09 

To make a long story short, we had our party at the park while other parties / groups were gathering in other parts of

the park. She was so intriguing and entertaining both adults and children from other parties and groups in the park

wanted to be apart of the fun!! She kept both the kids and adults entertained and interested the entire time!

-  Nikki Gayle, Milo's 4th Birthday party 5/2009 (5 out of 5 Stars, Leslie as "Tinkerbell"

Captain Leslie did our son's 11th birthday party today and she was a big hit. The kids all had a blast with gross

science and learned a thing or two as well. Also our 6 year old was quite thrilled and has already announced he wants

Captain Leslie for his party next year. We'll definitely do this one again.

-Allen (excerpt from 5 Star review, 4/27/09

You and your staff did such a great job! Thanks again to you, Laura, and Ali for making these past Sundays a real hit

with our guests!

-Karen Dumbleton, Carnival Cruise Lines (Leslie & Staff, Weekly Balloon Twisting 4/09-9/09)

Thank you so much for the enthusiasm you showed for the full 1.5 hours. You totally entertained the kids for the

entire time and made the party.  I will recommend you to everyone!!

- Karen Hickey, Connall's 6th Birthday party (Ladybug the Clown) 4/18/09

Leslie was very professional and was a pleasure to work with! She threw out ideas and helped in planning the party

which made it so much easier on our part. She was very accomodating to our schedule. The kids loved her as

"Princess Belle". She captured their attention and entertained them the entire time. She was just wonderful! Thanks,


-Kristen M., Jadyn's 5th Birthday Party 4/11/2009 (5 out of 5 Stars,

Ladybug the Clown was wonderful. The kids had so much fun. Our 2-year old daughter really enjoyed it and even

remembered her name the day after the party. One of the 5-year old kids got the business card and told her parents

to book Ladybug the Clown for her birthday next year.

-Marili A., Francesca's 2nd Birthday Party 3/28/09 (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout)

Hi, Leslie just wanted to let you know that J.J. had a blast. He said he really liked you and said you were funny from

begining to end. I will defenitely recommend you to my family and friends.

- Grace Torres, J.J.'s  4th Birthday party, 4/3/09 (Leslie as "Ladybug the Clown")

Capt. Leslie did a great job with my son's birthday. The kids and parents had a blast with the hands on science and

we learned something to boot. It was great fun and very memorable - and both our boys have requested that we

have Capt. Leslie back next year.

-Chloe B., Jeremy's 10th Birthday party 3/09 (5 of out 5 stars, Go City

Excellent, excellent, excellent! We had Leslie booked as "Tinkerbell" for 3 hours and she did not stop the whole time!

The kids were in awe. It was freezing cold outside, and she didn't complain or come out of character once! I will

definitely recommend her to all my friends! I had many people at the party ask where I found her. "Tinkerbell" was

very professional, and extremely entertaining! Thank you!

-April A, Lexie's 3rd Birthday Party 1/25/2009 (5 out of 5 Stars,

Ladybug the clown was great... as Tinker Bell for a 5 year old girls birthday. She was engaging and fun.

-Lawrence B.,  Cami's 5th Birthday Party 1/17/09

Leslie was outstanding. We gave her a fairly rigid time period to entertain guests and play games with the kids. She

was even kind enough to take some of the kids away to perform magic while some of the other activities were going

on. I was most impressed with her efforts to remember the names of the kids she was entertaining. I thought this

was just an added degree of professionalism and made her much more appealing to the kids as she made attempts

to call on them by name. My wife and I are both educators and we are well aware how difficult it is to retain the very

short attention spans of young ones.

-Doug M, Courtney's 1st Birthday Party, (5 out of 5 Stars, 12/27/2008

Dear Captain Leslie,

Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party! We loved your science tricks and all my friends had so much

fun. I still play with the slime and can't wait to try the balloon trick again. Thank you, Mitchell (Via Danya)

- Danya H., Mitchell's 7th Birthday Party (Captain Leslie's Science) 12/25/08

Thank you once again for coming to help celebrate Evan's birthday at his school last Tuesday. Your show was

phenomenal and E's friends at school are still talking about the science show.  In fact, Kaycee celebrated her

birthday today in Evan's class and she was asking her mom if Ladybug the Elf was coming to show them science. Her

mom felt bad that she only had cake with her. Thanks SO much! Evan said that his favorite part were the bubbles

and the steam. He was so happy when I came to pick him up and was going on and on about his birthday. Thanks


- Maria V., Evan's 4th Birthday Party @Camelot Kids "North Pole Science" with Ladybug the Elf Theme 12/16/08

Thank you so much for all the energy you brought to the party last night.  The children were so excited to see you

and interact with you.  We really appreciate the attention to you gave to each one.

-Jon T., CB Richard Ellis Holiday party in Support of Penny Lane, 12/18/08 (Ladybug the Elf)

Labybug the Clown was very prompt on time, very active entertaining the kids. Kids really had very good time

hanging with her. I would definitely recommend Ladybug the Clown.

- Sridhar A., New Year's Eve @ Red Fort Indian Culture Cuisine (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout)

Thanks Tinkerbell (Leslie) for making Nylah's 5th birthday so special. All her friends at school are talking about how

much fun they had!

-Julie M., Nylah's 5th Birthday Party 12/7/08 (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout)

Dear Ladybug the Clown,

Thank you so much, Madison and her friends had a lot of fun with you. We enjoyed your show. Merci beaucoup!

- Marianne S.,  Madison's 5th birthday party  11/16/08

Rain or Shine Ladybug is very professional and so energetic.. She started my 3-year old's party at the park with so

much energy.. though nature didn't give us all the sunshine that we needed, We are surprised that rain didn't stop

Ladybug to continue her entertainment.. she's still making baloons under the trees with kids and parents under their

umbrellas. we did the right decision of having you there.. we had fun rain or shine :-) THANK YOU.

- Ammielyn M.,  Alyssa's 3rd birthday party  (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout) 11/01/08

My family, friends, my husband, the birthday boy and I had a wonderful time!! I will definitely recommend you to

everyone who wants excitement to their party! The moment you stepped foot to the party to the end, you were full

of joy and excitement for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for making my baby's 1st birthday luau a blast!! you are the

greatest Leslie, thank you! I WANT YOU BACK WHEN MY SON HAS HIS NEXT PARTY!!! :)

- Marjorie A., Ian's 1st birthday party  (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout) 10/22/08

Thanks for making Abby's birthday so FUN!!! I really like your work, you are so professional. The kids loved you, also

did we. Thanks again =)

Martha A.,  Abby's 1st birthday party (Tinkerbell) 10/5/08

Loved, loved, loved, your performance!  Thank you so much!  Please keep us in mind this time next year....As soon

as I have the dates for next year's walk I will let you know because we want you back!

Courtney G., Light the Night Fundraiser/Walk (Ladybug the Clown) 10/12/08

I thought she (Ladybug the Clown) was great.  The kids loved her and they were all over her. She was great -  I

would get her again and tell my friends about her.

Shelly S. (5 out of 5 Stars, Tiana's 1st Birthday party, 10/11/08

Hi Leslie!

I would just like to thank you very much for your services at my son's birthday party. Everybody loved you- children,

adults, and even me! You did a great job of getting everyone's attention and keeping us all very entertained. My son

had a great time and I loved seeing him so happy, having fun, and smiling along with all my other guests. I

guarantee that I will keep you in mind for future parties and will recommend you to others. Again, thank you.


Stephanie Guerrero, Aaron's 2nd birthday party 9/13/08

Leslie is genuinely a wonderful person and her work with kids is impressive. She has boundless energy that is

infectious and charms everyone in sight! I highly recommend her services.

Alvie Betancourt, Alyssa's 4th birthday party (Tinkerbell)

- (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout) 8/30/08

Ladybug the Clown delighted the children and adults at our graduation celebration. She is silly, creative and very

energetic; our group was engaged for a full hour. Our preschool loves Ladybug!!!

B. B. Huang-Chan, Arcadia Parent Participation Nursery School

- (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout) Preschool Event 8/21/08

Ladybug is a great performer and she really knows her skills. She got both kids and adults interested and

entertained. She was a very fun and energetic person and kids really enjoyed her. I would recommend her to all my

friends. Thank you for the great job!

(Ladybug the Clown)

Hamlet K., Kevin's 1st Birthday 7/13/08 (5 out of 5 Stars,

(Captain Leslie's Science) offers terrific entertainment ideas for childrens parties. My son and his friends all agree

that he had the best birthday party ever! Captain Leslie and her science experiments are awesome.

I highly recommend her services. 

Michele K., Ethan's 7th Birthday, 5/10/08 (5 out of 5 Stars, Google Checkout)

We so enjoyed having you here.  It was fun , energetic and educational.  You definitely have a gift, thank you for

sharing it with us.

Patti B., Zachary's 7th Birthday Party, Captain Leslie's Science 5/3/08

Thank you so much for the games!  The kids loved you!

Karina P., Kyra's 7th Birthday Party 7/20/08 Captain Leslie's Olympics Party

Hey Leslie,

I just wanted to thank you again... EVERYBODY called me after the party yesterday  and just said how amazing you

were.... that was one of the best kids parties they've ever been to and you were just obviously AMAZING.  

Thank you so much again.... you were amazing  -

Jon G., Ava's 7th Birthday Party, 6/8/08 Wizard Science Theme

Hi Leslie,

The truth is that you made Brandon's birthday a really memorable one and we could not have asked for a better

entertainment (and education) for the kids. Brandon loved his birthday and we are forever grateful to you.

What we especially liked was that you encouraged participation by all the kids and every kid felt that they were part

of the show. All your activities were age appropriate and most of all fun. Even the adults enjoyed the show and

learned quite a few things. I had a lot of positive feedback from parents and would not hesitate to recommend you.

You were great with the children and made Brandon feel really special.

Again, thanks for everything.  Regards, Charly

- Charly Said-Nejad, Brandon's 7th Birthday Party 4/6/08 (Wizard Science Theme)

Hi, Leslie,

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL party that EVERYONE will remember pretty much forever!

love and best thoughts,

Rachel D.,  Matilda & Isabelle's 5th Birthday, 3/24/08 fairy science theme

Thank you Leslie!  You were wonderful.... you liven the party!  It was awesome. Everybody loved you (as) the

fairy; even (though) it was cold, everybody stuck 'til the end of the party.  I had a blast myself and especially

Cindy.  Thank you so much!"

(Sunset the Fairy)

- Adonna R., Cindy's 5th Birthday Party, 3/08

Thanks for a great party today.   The parents were all impressed. 

- Matt Kunitz, Kate's 5th birthday, 3/9/08 Space Science Theme

Dear Leslie,

I just wanted to e-mail to thank you so much for the wonderful science party on Tuesday. Everyone had so much fun,

Mrs. Gersten (classroom teacher)  is still raving about it, and all the kids are enjoying their handmade slime. A mom

even came up to me this morning to thank me for the party and say what a great idea it was to bring extra science

into a school party.

I'm grateful for all your efforts and hard work. Thanks again for everything!

Take care,

-Eileen W. (Yaacov's 6th birthday party, 3/25/2008)

Hi Leslie,

I can't thank you enough for such an amazing (job) you did. Both kids and parents LOVED it.

- Lissette G., Andrew's 5th birthday, 2/17/08

Wow, you were phenomenal!  I can not tell you enough how much we appreciated your patience, energy and love of

science.  As you can tell, most of Dylan's friend do have a wonderful grasp of science and really really loved having

you at the party.  According to Dylan, this was the best party ever and I can only think the majority of the

credit goes to you.   I have recommended you to all of the moms and many of my coworkers.   I have no

constructive feedback to offer you.  Your performance was flawless and the activities were perfect for the age level.

 My sister gave you greatest compliment when she said you totally out shined your competition. You blew us away

with how well you managed children, and got them to listen and participate without yelling at them.       I will be

more than happy to recommend you.   Thank you again, 

Michelle, Eric and Dylan (Dylan's 9th birthday, 1/08)

(Michelle also provided the following 5 star review  on "Peppers and Pollywogs") 

Give your kids party a "WOW" effect. Captain Leslie was awesome!

She entertained 14 children ages 5-9 with ease. All the children were able to participate in all the experiments. The

children really liked the dry ice and making slime. She was wonderful professional and fun. My son and his friends

were talking about it at school days later. My sister told me that she was way better than her competitor out there

marketing science parties.

Peppers and Pollywogs Review


Thank you.  Dominic and his friends all had a great time!

-Romeo Elias, Dominic's 5th birthday, 12/07

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for making my daughters party really enjoyable.

everyone appreciated Leslie "The Dora".

Hope u too had fun....Thanks!

- Karuna R.,  Vanshika's 2nd Birthday 3/08  

Dear Leslie

Me and my mom loved you the show you put on for the kids my mom was so happy .... because of your

performance so yes i recommend you to everyone i know and i really do hope they call you you're the best!! amor y


(Captain Ladybug the Pirate) -

Coco N.,  Jorge's 11th Birthday, 3/08

The Party was great and Gianna had a lot of fun. The Characters [Beauty and Tinkerbell] were really good - everyone

really liked it!  

(Beauty and Tinkerbell)

-Bridget R., Gianna's 6th Birthday 1/08

On behalf of the City of Rialto... Thank you for the wonderful job you did in our annual

Holiday Parade... we could not have done it without you! 

(Ladybug the Elf)

- Mike, Anabel, Alanna & Staff, City of Rialto Rec Dep Holiday Parade, 12/07

Ladybug the Clown was fabulous.

(Ladybug the Clown)

- Myra S., Los Angeles 12/07 (5 out of 5 Stars, 

She was full of energy and kept the kids happy and having fun.  

(Ladybug the Clown)

- Francesca T., Los Angeles, 12/07  (5 out of 5 stars,

Great Elf!  

(Ladybug the Elf)

- John A (*****5 out of 5 Star Review,  Google) 12/07 Holiday Party

We had so much fun with you! Thank you for the smiles - We of course we keep you on the A List for our

entertainment needs in the future.

(Ladybug the Clown)

Joy C., Cassie's Birthday Event, Burbank, 9/07 


WE loved having you join us for our neighborhood party near the Rose Bowl.  You were such a big hit!

Marilynne Kennedy, East Arroyo Residents Assn/EARA President, EARA event 9/07

Thank you for all your super fun spirit. We had a blast! I had a great time and so did all my guests! 

(Ladybug the Clown)

-Vianey V. & Family, Elijah's 1st Birthday Party 8/07

Some Feedback From Captain Leslie's Science Events:

I'm talking about Captain Leslie's visit to California Wiz Kids this past Friday. She danced her way into the CWKids'

hearts even before she started her really cool science experiments. Then, there was the huge and extra-fantastic

soda explosion. But wait, it didn't stop there. Next on the agenda was slime production. Everybody got into the act.

There was red, blue and green slime everywhere. It was just yucky enough to be really cool.

Your class was a hit...The kids had a great time. Thanks a million!  

- Janelle J., Director, California Wiz Kids, Class visit/Ongoing Classes, April-May 2008

I just wanted to thank you.  Captain Leslie was WONDERFUL!  The kids enjoyed

the science party so much that when the adults were done with our luncheon

and it was time to go home.....they wanted more time!

We have used other performers/presentations with our kids before and none

measured up to yesterday.

Thank you so much.   I hope to be able to call you sometime in the future

when we have a need again.

Michelle A.,, Valencia United Methodist Church (Palm Sunday Event, 4/07)

Some Feedback regarding Ladybug the Clown and Captain Leslie's Science Customer Service:


I will keep you in mind for the future and thanks again for great service!

Debbie Rollins

Hey Leslie!

I want to say, thank you for all your time and effort. 

You've really helped me a lot. And talk about professional! 

You are amazing. 

Leonard Talvera

Hi Leslie, 

You have had great service which takes the stress out of planning a kids party!  Thanks!  


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