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A unique feature of Captain Leslie's Science is our

Character Theme Science Parties!

Science is linked with your chosen Character's Theme.

With real science explanations mixed with Exciting

Games, Striking Costumes and Lots of Imagination, Our

Theme Science choices will delight your kids and

astound your guests!

Spooky Science - With Leslie as Witch Professor

"S.Pooky." Our #1 party! Great for Halloween

Fairy Science - With Leslie as "Sunset the Science

Fairy."  Color Changing, Flowers and Nature, Crystals

and Bubbles are all part of the spells experimented

with in this magical journey.

Spell-Binding Science!  - With Leslie as Witch Professor

"S.Pooky" or Leslie the Student Wizard.   Leslie

combines science and spellwork with amazing results!

Great for Harry Potter Parties.

Mermaid Lore - With Leslie as "The Little Mermaid."

Experiments with water and the science of mermaid

discovery. Great for Ariel lovers and/or Pool Parties!

North Pole Science - With Leslie as "Ladybug the Elf."

It's freezing cold up north - and Ladybug the Elf has

brought some of those secrets along with her to SoCal!

Dry Ice, Fluffy "Snow" and all the magnetic secrets of

the north pole itself.  Offered for the Winter Holidays.

Einstein's Birthday Party - With "Captain Leslie." Get on

your Lab Coats and fasten your safety Goggles! It's a

Birthday party you'll never forget.  Tailored to the

needs of your group.

Space Science - With "Captain Leslie" of the "Young

Astrounaut Recruitment Program." Get your flight deck

ready for Captain Leslie to arrive in her flight suit and

train your aspiring Astrophysicists in Rocketry, Flight

and the excitement of Space Exploration.  Great for a

"Star Wars" party.

Don't see your theme? Suggest it!


Captain Leslie was WONDERFUL!  The kids

enjoyed the science party so much that

when the adults were done with our

luncheon and it was time to go

home.....they wanted more time! We

have used other performers/

presentations with our kids before and

none measured up to yesterday.

Thank you so much.  

-Michelle, Valencia UMC


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